Dear old me


I hope that one day you will discover who you really are: I hope that one day you wouldn’t be so concerned about the future, because hey! It is not that dark and without success as you imagine it.

I know that what concerns you now is how are you going to be perceived? Is someone going to read this, well, maybe except your mother (who is my mother as well..and I know the answer to this question – she isn’t going to read anything because we both know that she will not even have a clue about this project blog)?

You need to remember one thing: the most important aspect of writing is to capture your soul, you know, like a bird in a cage. On the other hand, you need to think about your first sentence. It is utterly important to induce the reader to proceed in his/her journey to the second sentence, or your article is going do be dead. And we both know that we do not want this to happen.

Maybe, someone is so keen, that he/she will continue to read, until they arrive at the third sentence and they will give up, perhaps just like you right now. You are thinking about erasing everything you have written there and given up. How do I know? Do not forget that I know everything about you…even things that you do not know.

I know that you are homesick for a World you have not even met, you have that pixie dust (is it maybe from your Peter Pan tattoo?) that is not keeping you (and therefore me) in the same place for a long period of time.


You want to travel the world and explore every insignificant place, meet people who definitely shape you because let’s face it! You have become and became the person you are thanks to the people who have modelled you. And we both know how easily it is to turn your whole world around.

I remember one day you stood awake with countless thoughts in your head. You were somewhere far away, maybe in the Neverland, where you would have never grow up… and maybe I would not even exist. Who knows? But, you need to remember one more thing before I go.

You need to start loving yourself (and not in the narcissistic way that you imagine), you need to start having confidence in your forces, because, I know what I am talking about.

I know all about those interviews and interviewers that now cry because they were too fool and blind what a perfect candidate you were. You do not need to feel bad, what is going to happen will surpass all your expectations, trust me! Even Oprah Winfrey says that!

All in all, even if you do not want to hear me out, as I know that you are doing, just keep in mind what brighter individuals have to say:

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. – Oscar Wilde

Lots of hugs (because I know you hate/love them),





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