Dear Donald Trump,



First of all, I am not surprised by the fact that you have won against Hillary. I am more surprised by the people who thought that Hillary had a chance, but this is another discussion, that I do not want to have right now.

On the other hand, my dear, lovely Trump, when I first heard that you are running for president I would have never imagined that you will be actually elected. Now, I believe that even Kanye West has a chance to become president in 2020.

The US is really a country where everything is possible, where everyone can pursue his/hers American dream, even though it could be a nightmare.

Secondly, I understand how it was possible for you to win. Your slogan was: ‘Make America Great Again’, as you are the Prince Charming riding a white horse, saving the doomed country from its evil leaders and decision-makers. It is a catchy slogan, I must admit.

You can make almost everything great, but America, oh, sir, you said it! You have surfaced out that patriotism that every American is proud of. Making not only America great again, but its citizens, the same. You have placed the feeling of belonging back in the Americans, but my question is still remaining, at what cost?

Furthermore, Hillary’s slogan was ‘Stronger Together’, as the US was divided, as the US was not a power that suppresses others through its unified states. Hillary was hated even from the beginning and you knew it very well, Trump. You knew that nobody wanted a ‘family of presidents’. Nowadays, nobody supports the academics, intellectuals and people that have power through their minds.

Why, you might ask? It is dangerous to know that somebody that has such an intellectual power and knowledge to rule over you, a limited individual. And you, Trump, have done it!

You showed the world that you are the same as your voters! You showed that fake tan, which everybody is used to, every common people has access to it, you showed us enormous grammatical errors, proving again, that you are that illiterate citizen that you want to have in the US. As I have said, you are the image of the people that have voted you.

Your punch lines are amazing! Or it is better to say it like that: Amazing! Punch! Lines! Now, I think you understand me better. But, seriously, through your punchlines, you have summarised what an intellectual would have said in 100 words. You are a simple man, speaking for simple people. I couldn’t chose which video of your tweets to chose, but here it is:

You are a simple man, speaking for simple people. I couldn’t choose which video of your tweets to chose, but here it is:

I really enjoy those comparisons with Adolf Hitler. Yes, you have achieved to brainwash a large amount of individuals through racial and ethnic propaganda, blaming the ‘different ones’ and last but not least, through hatred. Why are you so angry? We have no answer about Hitler’s hatred and angriness, not even today, but maybe if he had Twitter and your punch lines, we would have found out.

But, Trump, you forget something very important. Hitler’s propaganda and a campaign which focused on the poverty and despair that followed a war, a war in which Hitler had fought. You might say that we are living in a corporation and media war, but it is not the same. Your common people, to whom you address, do not know about this. They only know who to blame: immigrants. And this is your similarity. Both of the campaigns were focused on someone to blame and the superiority of a ‘pure race’.

Let me remind you of one thing. It is an insignificant one, I promise! Your wife. Oh, have I been misogynistic? You must like it, do you? You only see women as objects which you like to play, but only if they look like at least 8/10, is that right? But, let’s get back to your wife, or must I say, your new wife. She is an immigrant, Donald. Your campaign and propaganda is against immigrants, or only is it against ugly immigrants? Your wife is lovely, indeed.

She is like that flower that you put in a vase when you want to impress someone. The most amusing fact is that your wife has copied Michelle Obama’s speech. It was utterly hilarious. I almost died of laughing. Why did you wanted to make your wife seem like that trophy that you want to be praised for?

But, why would I ask myself and you, Donald, these questions when you have stated that if Ivanka, weren’t to be your daughter, she would have been your wife, maybe?

I have another remainder if you are still reading, dear Donald. I like to call you Donald. It reminds me of Donald Duck, especially when I think about your skin colour and hair. As, I said, Donald, the United States of America were founded by immigrants, yes, those that you are against.

The only people who can truly say that they are ‘Americans’, are the native Americans. But, let’s use another reminder now, Donald. Native Americans have been killed, raped and deprived of their own land, even from the beginning of the ‘United States’, a country founded on blood shedding. And now, as always, history is repeating itself.

Finally, the moment that you have waited for so long, as your eyes were almost to fall because of your continuous rolling them, has come. I am going to say farewell. I really wanted to visit the US, I truly did, but right now, I wouldn’t. Not because I wouldn’t feel safe, as I do not own the permit to have a gun with me all the time, as you want to integrate in the common American citizens’ mind the idea that having a gun and shooting people is going to make them feel safe.

I remember that you have said that if in Paris, when citizens lost their lives in the terrorist attack, that if every French citizen would have had a gun, the outcome would have been beneficiary for the French inhabitants, not the attackers.

You have criticised France for their hatred of guns and the laws that they have. Let me tell you something. In this modern times, that thinking of an eye for an eye does not apply anymore. Fighting violence with violence is never the solution. If everybody would have a gun, there would not only be one crime but several ones.

Oh, Donald, I have forgotten to talk about your wall and the hatred towards Arab people… please forgive me. I will going to write to you soon. I promise! By the way, do you really love George RR Martin that much, that you want to replicate his idea of a wall?

Yours sincerely,



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