Dear employers,



I think that I am speaking on behalf of several students. I am their designated speaker. Why would you reject our enthusiasm and willing to commit ourselves with such ‘heart-warming’ e-mails?


This is a standard e-mail, you know it so well! It is actually one that I have received. It is one of those jobs where we need to be selected from thousands of other applicants, but you need, as an employer, a certain number of people of a certain ethnicity, a certain type of nationality, a certain number of genders and the list goes on.

Those irrelevant aspects that are trying to be politically correct, but morally, not. Why do you feel the urge to be praised for ‘equality’ and not performance?

When you write at the end of the e-mail, to not hesitate to ask for further information, you expect us to do so? No. Obviously, no. This means more work and a personal touch, doesn’t it? But you are somehow forced to add that ‘humane’ touch.

Whenever I know that I need to receive this kind of email, I hide in a forgotten cave, not wanting to see the light ever again. But, you, behind those big computer screens can’t see that. You are just seeing numbers.

What do you expect us to do? What can you expect from a 20-year-old individual?

I decided to ask you if maybe, probably, definitely one of those ‘interview’ tutorials, that I really find helpful.

Are they really worth the time spent watching? Or, should I just toss the coin, when deciding to go forward for an interview?

Now, that I have spammed you with these series of tips and tricks, I am really curious if researching the job position is enough? But I’m not done, here are 26 ‘red flags’ which determines how good you are, or not?

Furthermore, I have some of my own notes about what is there to do. I am not going to talk about what professionals were exposing in those informational videos that I have selected. I am going to share my notes with you, that came from my own perspective and experiences, which were far away from being useful. My experiences with interview and interviewers made me think about these immoralities and how little we actually matter. It is sad, isn’t it?

I am going to share my notes with you, that came from my own perspective and experiences, which were far away from being useful. My experiences with interview and interviewers made me think about these immoralities and how little we actually matter. It is sad, isn’t it?

So…here it goes!

  1. You need to stand out! (I am using you, as I am talking to myself)

The more you practice some role-plays with your friends, or the mirror, as you really need to see your facial expressions, the greater is the chance to impress. Because the lovely employers really love to pick on every small detail… ‘I did not want you because your left eyebrow is too short’

Furthermore, you need to know what to say and how to say it. The videos explain it all. There is no need for me to touch upon this aspect. But, I am going to share my thoughts. Your ideas need to be succinct. I did that. The outcome was that. Interviewers do not want to be put in that position where they need to stop you, even though I know that they really enjoy it.

They want to feel comfortable in your presence. It is known that we are surrounding ourselves with people through which we can see ourselves in. Therefore, the people which whom they are feeling comfortable are more likely to get the job, unconsciously or not.

But, do not worry! As interviewers can sense which persons are similar to their personality, likewise can we! Because, one thing that it is utterly important is the fact that even interviewers are humans, even if it’s hard to believe it. You need to focus. It is better if you expose your views and ideas in an accessible and witty way, rather than just smiling. And this skill comes with practice. You have to make the very best of

You have to make the very best of an impression.  But, first of all, you need to ask yourself if you really want that position, what drives you and secondly, what experience or lack of experience you have and how you are going to deal with every obstacle. There should be no awkward silence. You need to get there, ready and confident in your skills.


Answer the questions with confidence.

You are prepared for their questions from the informative videos that I have collected and spammed you with. You have nothing to fear.

Now it is time for you to ask questions ( this is my favourite part)

It is utterly funny to see the way in which the interviewers are surprised that you have questions for them. Oh, you really want this job, do you? From the look on their face, you can actually determine if you got the job, or not. It’s like a signal.

Therefore, here are my questions:

  • Please give me an overview of the job. Tell me the pluses and minuses of both.
  • Given my preparation on what I suggest to focus on this job?
  • How would you describe the team?
  • How would you describe a typical day?

Now, going back to you, dear employers. How would you rate my strategy? From 1, being very poor to 10, a strong preparation. I am really curious. But, as always, there should be someone that needs to be employed, from diverse points of views, which I have explained previously.

And, because I cannot leave you on the edge, without giving examples, here is it! A very straightforward one (after I have asked for feedback- which was non-existent):


I really would like to be that straightforward, but I can’t. I can’t be like you, but I am aiming for that brutality through which you destroy dreams and future aspirations.

See you at the next interviews! Because I am not giving up! Not yet, hopefully.

Kind regards,



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