Dear Facebook pages,



We all love photography! Each individual reacts to a powerful image, empathising with the subject. This is also why we, the enthusiast photographers and you, Facebook pages, try to draw as much excitement and as many emotions through the pictures we share. We utilise those images in order to attract likes, shares and comments. We use them as a means of promotion.

So far, there’s nothing abnormal. Everyone wants to be promoted, and photographers are not making an exception. Even though some are well-known, famous ones, I may say, it is always a pleasure to welcome encouragement, because we are humans and we function on these impulses. In these instances, you appear!

You, Facebook pages! In that sea of messages, those messages in which we are promised the moon, we are told that there is going to be a continuous advertising, that you are going to use our pictures, stating the name, as the copyright says. We give our consent for the pictures distributed, but the copyright law is violated.

We agree. We know that the promised moon will not be delivered, but we have the faith that it could help us, that it could and will contribute to our image as photographers. In the first days, everything is functioning very well, the copyright law is updated.

You are mentioning our names, state the source, the focus is on us, photographers. Until it reaches that point, the point in which you, Facebook pages, or better to say, the admins, start downloading and uploading the photographs directly on the pages without mentioning the source.

But, we put aside the agreement that you should have, with all regards, ask us for it. Furthermore, it is utterly important to not let common sense aside, as we have worked hours for the final product. Hours in which we have brainstormed ideas and let not forget about the editing process that comes after all of it.

We realise all that is in order to promote through photography, as it is an art that creates feelings. As the English idiom says:

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

One important thing, which is going to be my conclusion: stating the name of the artist as the source does not affect the advertising, neither the promotion of a brand. It even gives credibility.

PS: Here is my Facebook photography page:

Yours sincerely,



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