Dear Facebook,



Last week, we reached our 6-year anniversary! Hurray! Have we really been together that long?!  It feels like forever.

I was about to say that I am sorry that we didn’t celebrate, but I didn’t really feel like it. But, you have crossed the line. You can’t ask for my home address that fast! My feelings have begun to change. And it is not a good news.

Granted, it’s not the first time you’ve crossed the line—you’ve done it many times before—but this time, it was different. I know that I don’t really talk much about my day-to-day activities or my friends (as I don’t have many), but I am very sensible when it comes to data privacy.

I used to think it was about me.

I have a bitter-sweet taste when I remember when we have first met. You made it easy for me to connect with friends, family members and colleagues from years gone by. You even suggested that I connect with interesting strangers from all around the world. I started getting 5-8 friend invitations a week—many of which I accepted.

You refined the word ‘friend’, I believe this is the bottom line. And it’s not just me, it’s the whole population of this World. You made it seem like it was all about me and connecting my world online, when, in fact, it was always all about you. And collecting data.

You change the rules. A lot.

Let’s face it: You’re not my friend. You’re a big data machine. You collect, process, store, aggregate, and analyse all types of data 24/7—like status updates, photos, videos, likes, comments, pokes, notes and the list goes on.  Collecting data is what you do—and you’re always looking for ways to make money from it. I get that. That’s why you’ve been sharing and selling both my data—and my friends’ data—for years. You need our data to stay alive.

It is necessary to keep this in mind, as everyone that has a relation with you, because obviously, you are not a monogamous individual, needs to share data with you. I know you told me what you would do with my data when we first connected. You told all of us.

And yes, I know that I clicked on the ‘Agree’ button in the Terms of Service pop-up window (which always makes me think about who is wasting their time reading that stuff)—so I get that you’ve covered your legal tracks. You are very clever, indeed.

Yet, every time you change your policies on how you are using my data and/or keeping it private, it just feels like something is wrong, or at least, it is going to get bad. And you change it up a lot. It’s hard to relax because I never know what or when you’re going to spin the whole world around us.

And I am not even going to say nothing about the new schemes and quests through which we have to go through each time to make sure your “new & improved” settings aren’t exposing us in ways we don’t want. Frankly, I don’t trust you, but I want to.

I really want this to work. Seriously.

Sometimes I miss the good old days. The days before we met. I have fond, but faint, memories of my life before I met you and all your internet ‘friends;. I was more physically active back then and I read more hardback books, not just false news that you are advertising, or at least, not your statuses.

Let me be clear: I’m not breaking up with you. Yet. I’m willing to work on our problems. Are you up for it? I hope so. Because I’m not quite ready to accept that it’s not you, it’s me.

Yours always,



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