Dear George Orwell,




I am still amazed at how right you were. Disguising your book under the label of fiction, was actually really smart. It reminded me of Simone de Beauvoir and the way in which she has identified herself as an author, because of the strict rules of the 20th century.

A female would have never be regarded to be in the same position as a male. Therefore, she needed to gradually win her right to be identified as a philosopher, a matter which was designed only for ‘capable’ men.

Here is an 8-bit philosophy lesson, especially for your taste:

But, now, let’s get back to you, Orwell. The similarity between you and Simone de Beauvoir is straightforward: you have both wrote about something that has been against the politics of that time. Against the whole period, to be exact.

I first read your book, ‘Animal Farm’ when I was probably too young to understand it. Maybe, an eleven-year-old should have read something more appropriate to her or his age. It thought it was just another children book, a humorous fable with nothing more than pigs wearing human clothes and ruling the whole Animal Kingdom.

Oh! If only I knew! I would have been a very interesting child, haven’t I? But, the most interesting thing about it is the fact that I could have understood it. I saw that corruption of which you were talking about every day- in the news, on TV, on the streets, even at my school! It is really interesting to see individuals becoming angry of some fictional oppressive animal tyrant, while those dystopias illustrated there are surrounding us, but we chose to ignore the fear and loathe.

The wall built from brick and mortar, meant to keep the words apart was only the beginning, it was maybe a premonition of an individual we all love, Donald Trump:

Yes, yes, we get it. You want to build a wall.

On the other hand, Orwell, you have shared a new thought over a matter that has existed for an eternity: the arrows of hatred and intolerance aimed to destroy any touch of hope, compassion or even love.

I am remembering both seeing and feeling onto my own skin the way in which people have tried to rise above their rulers by not following the rules, driven by the power that they have obtained, becoming more and more tyrant than their predecessors. I saw the dumb, mindless and lost hoping for a better future, hoping for a new hope. Wondering whether their ruler will be as bad as the one that they have had.

In my youth I would have never understood this analogy- the pigs were the illustration of the corrupt politicians and the group of mind-washed animals, such as the goats, sheep and horses are the individuals who have no clue what is happening with the world surrounding them.

My eyes were closed. I was blind. I did not see what you were talking about, but I did have a doubt. I knew that something bigger was happening. I tried to work on this book as solving a puzzle, discovering new clues, new similarities to the world in which I was living into.

I am grateful that you exist. I am grateful that there are rebels who have the courage to take a step forward and fight the corruption, to fight the dystopia. You have made me wanting to study the society, to study the aspects that drive us to do certain things.

It made me realise that it is utterly important to delve into the issues of surrounding our world instead of the aspects which are drifting us apart, making us chose between pleasure and obligations.

This is the reason I have written this letter to you. I wanted to thank you that you have opened a new path. A new path for exploring the rights and wrong of this world. I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to undertake Sociology.

I wanted to thank you for giving me a person which I can look up to. You are truly an inspiration. Your words will continue to resonate with the whole world, especially in this contemporary time. Your premonitions will never fail to come back.

Yours sincerely,




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