Dear Fidel Castro,



I did not even know that you had such courage, or maybe let’s call it guts, from an early age. Do you remember the time when you have written a letter to the president of that time, Franklin Roosevelt?

You are definitely a personality. An important one. You have held power longer than any other national leader, well, except Queen Elizabeth II, who is now the World’s longest-reigning monarch, obtaining this title after the death of Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej on 13 October 2016. But, let’s not talk about them, the spotlight is on you.

You became something which was never expected for a head of state of an 11 million people Caribbean island, but you have proved your importance. You have succeeded to tower an international figure who has marked the 20th century.

But, as always, there is a consistent amount od doubt, whether you were a hero or a villain? I would not like to pronounce myself, you know, at least, not in this letter. This letter is about that innocent period of childhood, where we develop ourselves. Let’s not talk about politics and dark periods of Communism, will we?

It was 6 November 1940, you were 12 years old. An age in which you begin to understand yourself, you start to develop a personality and nevertheless, you delve into the subjects or matter that interest you.

Maybe you do remember, maybe not, but I am here to help you refresh your memory. As I have said, at the verge of becoming a teenager, you were interested in money! But, in contrast with everybody else, you were interested in the differences of design.

Therefore, it was necessary for you to feed that curiosity. Your hand-written letter, embellished with an elaborate signature has arrived at its destination- the White House! Written in a broken English, for which you have even apologised. This letter was intended to shed a light upon how does a 10 dollar note looks like because you have never seen one. You asked Roosvelt‘, misspelling the president’s’ name to sent you that interesting green note. Furthermore, as a good child, you were, you have asked the president if he needed iron for the American ships because you knew where the largest Cuban iron mines were situated. Always there to help and support others! Such a good guy!

You even signed the letter with “Your friend”, because, you know, when you want something you need to pretend to be good friends with somebody to get what you desire.

But what has made you so different from the thousands of letters written by other children received by the White House? Nothing, I’m afraid. Nothing, in that period of time, of course. But, you were lucky enough to have your letter kept in the US National Archive and get published by BBC News. What an honour!

Here is it!


National Archives, Records of the Foreign Service Post of the Department of State

I must admit, that signature looks way better than my actual one, and I am 21… You made me look very bad, but I still like you, don’t worry.

Your sincerely,



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