Dear foreigner,

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I know that maybe, but maybe, Romania is a little bit different viewed through your eyes, because you have merely seen it through the means of television, documentaries and news. And all that time, you have only seen women with their braided hair, wearing a scarf, sleeping alongside their children and husbands in your central parks, or maybe in front of your favourite shops, who knows?

I don’t even know how to describe in words how I feel whenever I hear about the Channel4‘s show The Romanians Are Coming.

I know, dear, foreigner that you are so used to only see people asking for money and benefits, things which are paid from your hard-working salaries. Things which they do not deserve. They have done nothing, they haven’t even worked a day, but they are shouting for their rights. Seemingly, rights which were denied in Romania, mostly saying that Romania has done nothing for them. But, let’s be fair, those are the persons for which my parents and other hard-working Romanians are working every day, legally in order to keep ‘warm’ their social benefits, just waiting for them to come back after they have stolen something.

Is it even harder to believe, dear foreigner, that we even have electricity, high skyscrapers, civilisation, beautiful cities (now 2 European Cultural Capitals – Sibiu and Timisoara), good and genuine people and nevertheless the fastest Internet in Europe and the US (sorry Bernie). We, too, have children, as well as you have, beautiful and smart children (the math olympiad prizes are just an example) which are still playing, studying and living in this beautiful country, full of fresh air, or needless to say, the fresh air which still remains. Those children are fighting the whole system in order to represent this medium-sized ignored country of Europe in the whole wide World.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise for you when you’ll hear that we have almost the largest shopping malls in the whole Europe, we even have more than 20 in our capital city, Bucharest. And yes, we have very good schools, even though a lot of our citizens (as myself) are choosing to leave the country and come to one of yours. But, do you remember the good doctors, engineers and nurses which this country provided? Of course, you did. Your countries are paying a large amount of money for their perseverance, seriosity and hard-work.

But, how do all those things are unknown to you?! It’s really simple: you are only allowed to see what others want you to see. 

In this run to acquire the highest rating, our broadcasters and newspapers are actually fighting over those people which whom I have described. No, not the sensational hard-working ones, but the ones who steal. Why? They create stories with those big gold chains, lacking culture, I mean, what sells better? Steven Hawking or Jersey Shore? Those  ‘characters’  have become a ‘national image’, that’s why you identify them with our whole nation.

But, the thing which the broadcasters have forgotten is the fact that this is the image they are presenting the world, they forget the fact that the viewer is only going to see what have they intended to show: a high degree of uncultured people.

Here is just one example, out of an infinite:

Our genuine national values are mostly forgotten or left somewhere in the background, hidden. Rarely, they are presented in our national broadcasting television (which is going to disappear soon because of corruption). Romania, my dear foreigner, has an abundance of smart children, full of young individuals with revolutionary ideas and people with clever minds. And I fear that you won’t hear any soon about them because we still haven’t achieved that level of promoting the genuine values, not the ones who are just providing a high rating.

But, now, there are pointless campaigns which aim to erase all those mistakes… but they forget one important thing: you can’t fight all those blaming actions which are still undertaken.  It is really funny and sad at the same time to see how they are creating those campaigns in order to clean up a little our image, to present those who really matter, those who are hard-working and sincere….. but after 5 minutes they are still going back to presenting those non-talents, who apparently are selling more.

My Romania, dear foreigner, it’s actually a country similar to yours: where the humans and nature co-exist in harmony, where the water and skies are making waves and there are still the same beautiful clouds, as everywhere else. We don’t have anything else, maybe a little bit more nature. And maybe, we differ in the ways in which we see things, the order in which they come.

I really hope one day, dear foreigner that my lovely Romanians to finally understand the normal ways of nature and the river through which the water comes, not the one in which the water falls… 

Yours sincerely,





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