Dear best friend,


This is going to be a unique letter. As you might think, this isn’t going to be a letter which I have written to my best friend, but vice-versa. Why? I found it more interesting. To write from her perspective and not mine. So, here it goes:

First, I would like to thank you for existing. You make my life wonderful ever since we first met each other. And I remember that day perfectly. It was in front of a demolished fountain in one of the University’s squares. I was carrying my luggage, it was quite heavy, to be fair.  My high school classmate and I broke your umbrella; it was a terrible weather and it was after I had been through so much – missing Freshers’ week, having my connection flight cancelled, changing the airport and so on, but I made it and I met you on that rainy Monday morning.

You were with your high school classmate, too, and you said hi to your new flatmate, who broke your umbrella but you did not know that (not even after three months when you remembered you had an umbrella…). After I settled in my flat, the next day, I came to my high school classmate to have lunch with her in her and your flat’s kitchen. We got along well, and I continued to visit my classmate because I enjoyed your company.


Because I did not like my flatmates, you and my classmate became the ones I started to share everything with – food, chocolate, cutlery, dishes, but mostly food. We cooked together and that was (and still is) fun. Lots of spices, mostly garlic. Everyone from our country loves onion and garlic, isn’t that so? Even if I am from the part of the country you hate the most… It’s just 602 kilometres that separate us, which is 11 hours by train or 40 minutes by plane (thank you Ryanair for introducing a cheaper plane ticket… rather than the National airline).


You were more ‘enthusiastic’ at first than I was; in terms of the fact that whenever someone said something, you interrupted that person because you had something better to say or another story to share or another of the people you know that did that specific thing the other people and those they know did not. That was very, very, very annoying. If there’s one thing I strongly dislike, is when someone continues to interrupt me or someone else while talking because it is pure rudeness. But surprisingly, I continued to feel comfortable around you.


When you came to my flat’s Christmas dinner, which was also the day everyone had to leave, I felt that you were like a sister to me. Then, when I left to the airport several hours later, I felt like I knew I was going to miss you for the following month. And so it was, even though we were talking daily. But this distance got us much closer. On the day you came back, I remember that I have been waiting for you anxiously the whole day and when I saw you, I was about to cry.

From that day on, we are always together and I cannot imagine a day you are not with me or not share every thought I have with you (this is impossible because you know me better than I do). You are more than my best friend, you are my sister, my whole family, the person that supports me the most and takes care of me. If it weren’t you, I would probably have gone back home after the end of the first term. But you were always there to support me.


And together, we do so many things, including travelling, shopping, laughing, helping each other with suggestions for assignments or cover letters and CVs, sharing our passions and so many others. I finally found the best friend I have craved for years, and I could not be more thankful that this person is you.

Yours always,


At least… this is what I hope she will say.


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