Dear Churchill,





Or as you are known, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, Knight of the Order of the Garter (KG), Member of the Order of Merit (OM), Companion of Honour (CH), Privy Council of the United Kingdom (PC), Deputy Lieutenant (DL), Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS), Royal Academician (RA) and Territorially Decorated (TD). It was so difficult to write all of your decorations, you have achieved so many – just kidding, I copy-pasted them.

I have the deepest respect for you, an important statesman, one of the most significant Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, a former officer in the British Army, a non-academic historian (indeed, you have seen a lot of changes in 90 years) and a writer who was even given the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953, not to mention that you were among the first eight people who were made Honorary Citizen of the United States (maybe the fact that you were half American helped a bit, too).

My whole life you were my example. I thought you were so good at drinking and making important decisions at the same time. I always gave you as an example to everyone who told me to stop smoking and drinking so excessively, because you have lived for so long and were still able to maintain the influence of such an important country even when it seemed to collapse, especially after the Second World War and the wave of independence declarations that followed at the beginning of the Cold War (cough, cough, India).

I even ignored all of the tutorials that were supposed to teach me to manipulate my bad habits, such as the following ones, because you were the proof that tobacco and alcohol are not our enemies:

Apparently, my views proved to be SO wrong. You weren’t that much of an alcoholic, as I thought. Even if you were, in my view, you drank intelligently, this being proven by the fact that you took so many important decisions regarding Europe’s future – remember the Percentages Agreement you secretly signed with Stalin in 1944?

That agreement made my country, Romania, being 90% influenced by USSR; in fact, its regime changed from that of a constitutional monarchy to an autocratic republic and so it was until 1989. Why would have you needed a country that is full of resources when you chose 90% UK influence in Greece?

In fact, you were not that discriminatory, hence both Romanian and Greek monarchs were related to George VI’s family. Later, in 1946, you were the first who said that the Iron Curtain has fallen above Europe. But who was the father of that Iron Curtain?

Anyway, who am I to judge your actions and preferences? Changing the subject again, you were, indeed, a man who has seen a lot. A man whose words were so powerful and well-thought. Even if some of the contemporary historians blame your addictions for your failure to become Prime Minister consecutively, you proved them wrong when you were re-elected in that function in 1951. Moreover, even you said in 1953 that your habits should perhaps slow down:

“I am trying to cut down on alcohol. I have knocked off brandy and take Cointreau instead…”

– you know, replacing your favourite drink with other types of alcoholic beverage does not mean that you actually tried to reduce the amount you drank, but I have to say that this is quite a good move.

I have tried to give up alcohol once. It did not work at all. Thank you for being my role model in this aspect.

Yours always,



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