Dear Ceaușescu,

Imagini pentru nicolae ceausescu


I beg my pardon for not showing the respect you impose. Let me start again, please, before you put me in prison:

Dear president of the Socialist Republic of Romania, (way better, I know)

I know that it might be very odd that I’m writing from the 21 century, but I really wanted to ask you a few questions which have kept me wondering for a long time now. I am very curious about the Romania from nowadays and the Romania which you have led. As this is a contemporary letter, I will start off by saying thank you for honouring me the right to express myself freely, without being kidnapped or even killed. I even find myself lucky because I can write directly to you.

I would especially want to say that your ideologies have not disappeared (not even 28 years), even though they are hidden between different masks of ‘liberty’ and ‘equality’. Nonsense. You are still put under a microscope, maybe not if you have enough money to be under a magnifying glass, or if you are really a millionaire, under a small glass lens. But, you are still followed.

On the other hand, I would really like to thank you because under your ‘reign’, keeping apart the fact that nobody had a salary which went over 2-3000 lei (which is very little), everyone had a secure workplace, everyone had whatever they needed (even if they were forced to wake up at 3 in the morning and stay in a queue to get flour and eggs, even toilet paper – which was rationalised) and could raise their families.

I would further like to propose a little adventure into the future, from your Socialist Republic to our ‘Democratic’ Romania. I would like you to look at our country’s representants in Bruxelles, these representants are doing nothing than disgrace our whole nation’s name. As for example:

I mean, even a 3-year-old speaks better English than United Nation representant does… and she is just an example, out of the many.

Furthermore, our educational system is in a free fall (this is the main reason I have chosen to leave). There is so much abuse of power, there are so many ways in which I would explain what is wrong, but I will probably need the whole time in the world to do so. I will just say one thing: you need a lot of money, connections and bribery skills to get a high mark.  But, when it comes to television, my brain completely freezes. You probably don’t know MTV’s reality shows (and this is a very good thing), but let me give you an update on that: you add swearings, a lot of money, stupid (and I mean very stupid) people and the highest level of unnaturalness you have ever seen. There you go: Romanian Television.

Oh, discrimination? It’s exactly the same as it was in your times, you are treated fairly based on your social status, family and how many connections and money do you have. Nothing has changed, well, maybe only the sum of money.

… and the Church? Oh, I think that Apple has handled a smaller amount of money than the Romanian Church has. It is purely a business. You can even write off a handbook on how to manipulate a large mass of humans. This is how the leader of the Church spends the state’s money, even though, our hospitals look worst then Auschwitz:

It’s only 40 million euro. Such a bargain!

And meanwhile, we need to pay for everything in hospitals, because there are no funds, hmm… where did they go? Maybe into the building of the tallest religious institution in the south-eastern Europe, watching over the Palace of the People (the actual Palace of Parliament, which you have built – by the way, it is one of the largest buildings in the world. )

I know that you have banned such a long time all religious affiliations, but I wish you could see what is happening here… in the country, you have loved so much.

But, I really want to talk with you about a subject which you really liked: tourism. It is non-existent. Everyone knows our country for the cheap alcohol, communism (because of you) and cheap, easy girls. Why has this to do with tourism? Well, this is what everyone promotes, not the beautiful landscapes, not the fact that we are the only country in Europe that has mountains (Carpathian Mountains), a sea (Black Sea) and the Danube Delta (which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

This is how they have tried to promote our beauties, after years and years of disgrace:

Using the three individuals who have succeeded and became famous in your times, because back then, you were supporting whoever have taken the Romanian flag on the podium. Nadia Comaneci – the first gymnast to get a perfect score of 10 at the Olympic Games, Ilie Nastase – one of the most important tennis players in history, Gheorghe Hagi – one of the most important football players in history. You can see how old they have gotten… why aren’t young persons representing our country you might ask. Because we have none. All the people who are representing our country are left forgotten, but all the ones who are nuance, are getting the front cover.

I truly hope that my generation so called the generation with the key as a necklace will succeed, will succeed to bring Romania back to its greatness, and maybe like Trump says – let’s make Romania great again!

As to conclude with, I would like to remind you of the fact that you were truly a man of power, a man who knew exactly what he wanted, a man who had so much influence that all the things you have done can’t be erased as well as all the bloodshed of the 1989 revolution can’t be washed away.

Yours sincerely,




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