Dear Ceaușescu,

Imagini pentru nicolae ceausescu


I beg my pardon for not showing the respect you impose. Let me start again, please, before you put me in prison:

Dear president of the Socialist Republic of Romania, (way better, I know)

I know that it might be very odd that I’m writing from the 21 century, but I really wanted to ask you a few questions which have kept me wondering for a long time now. I am very curious about the Romania from nowadays and the Romania which you have led. As this is a contemporary letter, I will start off by saying thank you for honouring me the right to express myself freely, without being kidnapped or even killed. I even find myself lucky because I can write directly to you.

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Dear Dracula,



Yes, I have chosen Bela Lugosi to illustrate you, because let’s be fair, he’s the most suitable person to do that:

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Dear rain,



Before I came to the UK, everyone warned me about you. You know, it is a myth which still doesn’t want to go away, apparently.  It was supposed that here is almost always raining, when in fact, it’s just cloudy. You don’t want to appear too often, maybe just in Autumn.

You, you are travelling from the sky to get down on earth, you, in your journey here can’t stop playing hide and seek between the dust particles and then ending up in our souls. Don’t you worry! This isn’t at all a bad thing. At least, it isn’t for me. I am not afraid of you, au contraire, I adore you, especially in Summer. You seem, from my perspective the most playful, full of energy, an energy which if at least half of the individuals would have it, life would have been much more beautiful.

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Dear Tinder,

Imagini pentru tinder logo


I have just recently have installed you. Why? I don’t even know, but I know for sure one thing, I had a pure curiosity about this whole universe of online dating.

I still remember the unforgettable list of terms and conditions you have put me to sign:   <- It only takes 63 minutes to read (only if you are an avid reader of laws, which nobody is, not even lawyers).

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Dear Hemingway,

Imagini pentru hemingway

( )

I believe that ones of the most erotic and pornographic, in some cases sensual and sensible letters, maybe even metaphorical are the ones written by you, writers. Why? When you, writers write (because this is what you do and you became famous for it) everything is more, hmm, let’s say dirty, scandalous, as opposed to us, merely humans.

You have allowed your imagination to run freely, making use of it. Those letters aren’t considered to be a literary masterpiece, but because you were famous, they are a piece of history, an important one, I must say.

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