Dear best friend,


This is going to be a unique letter. As you might think, this isn’t going to be a letter which I have written to my best friend, but vice-versa. Why? I found it more interesting. To write from her perspective and not mine. So, here it goes:

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Dear foreigner,

adventure, Baltic Sea, car


I know that maybe, but maybe, Romania is a little bit different viewed through your eyes, because you have merely seen it through the means of television, documentaries and news. And all that time, you have only seen women with their braided hair, wearing a scarf, sleeping alongside their children and husbands in your central parks, or maybe in front of your favourite shops, who knows?

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Dear old me


I hope that one day you will discover who you really are: I hope that one day you wouldn’t be so concerned about the future, because hey! It is not that dark and without success as you imagine it.

I know that what concerns you now is how are you going to be perceived? Is someone going to read this, well, maybe except your mother (who is my mother as well..and I know the answer to this question – she isn’t going to read anything because we both know that she will not even have a clue about this project blog)?

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