Dear Ceaușescu,

Imagini pentru nicolae ceausescu


I beg my pardon for not showing the respect you impose. Let me start again, please, before you put me in prison:

Dear president of the Socialist Republic of Romania, (way better, I know)

I know that it might be very odd that I’m writing from the 21 century, but I really wanted to ask you a few questions which have kept me wondering for a long time now. I am very curious about the Romania from nowadays and the Romania which you have led. As this is a contemporary letter, I will start off by saying thank you for honouring me the right to express myself freely, without being kidnapped or even killed. I even find myself lucky because I can write directly to you.

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Dear Dracula,



Yes, I have chosen Bela Lugosi to illustrate you, because let’s be fair, he’s the most suitable person to do that:

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Dear Hemingway,

Imagini pentru hemingway

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I believe that ones of the most erotic and pornographic, in some cases sensual and sensible letters, maybe even metaphorical are the ones written by you, writers. Why? When you, writers write (because this is what you do and you became famous for it) everything is more, hmm, let’s say dirty, scandalous, as opposed to us, merely humans.

You have allowed your imagination to run freely, making use of it. Those letters aren’t considered to be a literary masterpiece, but because you were famous, they are a piece of history, an important one, I must say.

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Dear Churchill,





Or as you are known, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, Knight of the Order of the Garter (KG), Member of the Order of Merit (OM), Companion of Honour (CH), Privy Council of the United Kingdom (PC), Deputy Lieutenant (DL), Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS), Royal Academician (RA) and Territorially Decorated (TD). It was so difficult to write all of your decorations, you have achieved so many – just kidding, I copy-pasted them.

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Dear Fidel Castro,



I did not even know that you had such courage, or maybe let’s call it guts, from an early age. Do you remember the time when you have written a letter to the president of that time, Franklin Roosevelt?

You are definitely a personality. An important one. You have held power longer than any other national leader, well, except Queen Elizabeth II, who is now the World’s longest-reigning monarch, obtaining this title after the death of Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej on 13 October 2016. But, let’s not talk about them, the spotlight is on you.

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Dear Charlie Chaplin,




As you could see, all the beautiful quotes or events are taken as granted, because, let’s be honest, who does not want to appreciate a positive aspect in this seemingly negative world? But, when it comes to the other side, we tend to go into an in-depth inspection of all the causes that has generated the outcome. Maybe, we want to make sure that the reality could be quite different from our findings, but when it comes to things which touch our soul, sensitive aspects which make us shed a tear, the truth does not even matter.

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Dear George Orwell,




I am still amazed at how right you were. Disguising your book under the label of fiction, was actually really smart. It reminded me of Simone de Beauvoir and the way in which she has identified herself as an author, because of the strict rules of the 20th century.

A female would have never be regarded to be in the same position as a male. Therefore, she needed to gradually win her right to be identified as a philosopher, a matter which was designed only for ‘capable’ men.

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